Career Opportunities


Drivers Wanted
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  • Over 25 years of age
  • Good driving record
  • Able to pass a DOT physical
  • Able to pass pre-employment drug screen
  • Preferably 2 years "Over the Road" Experience
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Arfsten Transfer

Driver Benefits & Culture

• Competitive or above average pay scale
• We pay driver for all drops (first and last, no free drops)
• We pay driver for all picks over the first one
• We are a small company that cares for our drivers (we 
  got to know them and accommodate family priorities)
• We have several bonus plans to get more money into 
  the best driver's hand like...
   • Possible 2 cents per mile in fuel bonus
   • Possible 1 cent per mile in safety bonus
   • Driver of the month program gives recognition and 
     $50 gift certificate
   • $25 paid with each clean safety net inspection
   • We have a customer that pays extra for drop pay and 
     load securement. This customer may have 20 drops 
     on a load often amounting to an additional $600 in
     just drops.  We train our top drivers for this customer.
• We pay 50% of our driver's health insurance
• We purchase a small life insurance policy for drivers
• We purchase a "short-term disability" insurance policy
• We offer several "supplemental payroll deduction 
  insurance" policies
• We understand trucking and truck drivers, all support 
  staff has 20 plus years working in trucking with drivers. 
  (Drivers are our friends)
• Electronic logs (we have been using E-logs since 2012 
  and know how to manage drivers and freight so we, the 
  driver, can make money and we can get freight hauled
• $32 monthly cell phone reimbursement
• Arfsten Transfer has one of the very best safety records 
  in the business (this only happens to companies with 
  good drivers, good equipment and good maintenance)
• Arfsten Transfer is a stable company that has been in 
  business for over 60 years.
• We hire only the safest best drivers